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Use the lessons you learned in the military to move forward on your business.  We all learned different lessons and use them in different ways, now is the time to use the lessons you learned!

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We Are Stronger Learning from Each Other

We are bringing together military, veteran, and family member business leaders to share tips and strategies for military-connected businesses, that you can apply to your business immediately.

 We created this series because we are in a unique time in history, and people are looking for answers.  As individuals who are military-connected, we have unique lessons we can teach other, who better knows the meaning of “Got Your Six” then our military.  For those who don’t know pilots in WWI were the first to say “I got your six” meaning I have your back, you are safe, because I am here.  We are here for you!  “Friends may come, and friends may go, but our military connection is forever!” Lisa Ducharme

Connecting America to its Veterans

The NEVCC serves veteran, military, and their families by providing networking and resources to support our military and veteran owned businesses across New England.

Financial Tools for Long-Term Success

You are not alone. Financials can be a challenge for everyone, whether you are thinking about starting a business, looking at growing, or sustaining your business. The NEVCC collaborates with a wide variety of organizations who provide expert training and financial tools.

Network Opportunities and Resources

The NEVCC promotes collaborations with partners throughout New England and the US to highlight workshops, networking, and trainings. We also provide a variety of resource information.

Welcome to the New England Veterans Chamber of Commerce (NEVCC)

Welcome to the home of the New England Veterans Chamber of Commerce (NEVCC). We are a a group of professionals dedicated to putting veterans first. The NEVCC provides training, resources, and opportunities for the successful social and professional transitioning of veterans and their families. Our specific aim is to support veteran entrepreneurs, businesses owners, and employees to utilize resources available to them as well to promote their business to the general public. The NEVCC also connects veterans with companies from all industries and provides leadership and transitioning training to leverage military experience in the business world.

Through this broad range of services for veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, and their families, the NEVCC maintains a broad and deep-seated mission to support veterans. The NEVCC collaborates with corporate and individual businesses representing a range of industries at a variety of stages, from launching a start-up to scale an existing business. We put our professional expertise to work by connecting veterans and their business to their communities.

Our Military Lessons are

Beneficial for Business

Lessons learned in the military that work in business


The NEVCC is proud to build and maintain strong partnerships. In any organization resources are important, and our partnership are about sharing resources.

Who We Are

The New England Veterans Chamber of Commerce assists military and veteran-owned businesses throughout New England, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont.

What We Do

We assist military and veteran-owned businesses throughout New England by providing resources, training, and networking.


The NEVCC accepts donations from individuals and corporations, as well as gift donations in the name of another party. You can donate online using our convenient form.


Reshaping Your Financial Narrative

Reshaping Your Financial Narrative

This is our last webinar in our series of three for preparing for tomorrow.  We felt it would be a good idea to bring together leaders and mentors in the business world who are military-connected.  I have been lucky to work with Fred, and Lee, and was honored they...

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Adapting To Thrive

Adapting To Thrive

  After our open question and answer zoom sessions, we felt it would be a good idea to bring together leaders and mentors in the business world who are military-connected.  I have been lucky to work with Lynn, Fred, and Jim, and was honored they participated in...

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