Since the beginning of COVID-19, I have been reminded of the importance of collaborations.  We have been fortunate at the New England Veterans Chamber of Commerce (NEVCC) since collaborations is part of our mission and vision.  So many businesses helping one another and today it’s going to be more important then ever that we help each other out.  We will get through this, and we will be stronger then ever if we stay connected.

I was on a webinar by Stephanie Brown, Founder, The Rosie Network,, Lynn Lowder, Founder, The Veteran Business Project,, Jim Wong, Chairman of the Board at National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. aka REBOOT, and Fred Parrish, Fred is the creator of The Profit Beacon software and co-author of The E-Myth CFO: Why Most Small Businesses Run Out of Money and What to Do About It.

The one thing I know for certain, for our businesses to survive this, we need to really understand our finances, where we are & where we are going to be. This is a great start, if you are like me and hate finances and find it painful, this system is really going to be beneficial!

Fred is offering a free 90 subscription, to The Profit Beacon.  Right now is the time for people to figure these things out..

The Profit Beacon Software

  • Up t0 99% accuracy
  • Cash flow + P&L for the next 24 months
  • Easily upload QuickBooks data (see link below veterans can get QuickBooks software online for 1 year for under $2 – see link)
  • Detailed Interactive forecasts and CFO dashboard in minutes

90-day free subscriptions

Sign up by April 30th

Promo Code: 90dayfreeV

You need to have QuickBooks or other accounting data

This link is specifically for veterans

 As a reminder, the NEVCC is doing daily question and answer sessions via zoom, although this started out for veteran and military businesses, I have been getting veterans, family members and civilian businesses calling in.  Most of the resources fit everyone and I am putting the most commonly asked questions on our coronavirus page..

 We are in this together, and we will make it through this together! Lisa Ducharme, Executive Director, New England Veterans Chamber of Commerce