Over the past couple of weeks, I have had numerous conversations with business owners. They are concerned about their business and rightfully so. Some have had to close their doors because they are not considered to be essential during the coronavirus pandemic. Others didn’t have a strong foundation and they are looking at imminent closure. If you are in this position, worries are bound to creep up on you, but you should not give up.

Unique Times Call for Unique Measures

I find it necessary to remind all of our military, veterans, and their families that we are in a unique situation. However, we have spent our military career training for moments like this. Whether you have been in the military for 4 or 20 years, the life you have lived and the lessons you have learned can help you achieve new heights, even in spite of this pandemic.

 This is the perfect time to create positive outcomes, be unique, and get creative. I know that many of you are afraid and that is perfectly normal. The most important lesson I learned in the Air Force was that sometimes you have to keep going even if you are afraid. I know many of you have learned the same lessons that I have.

Overcoming Challenges

Take the time to think about your business and all that you want to accomplish. Consider it to be like the contract you had signed in the military. When we signed up for the military, we said we will give our life – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We would do whatever it took to get things done. How many times have you worked 12-hour shifts? How many times has chaos surrounded you, yet you still had to figure out how to keep going and find the best solutions? How many times did you have to perform under pressure?

 You have made it this far. Don’t give up on your business just because times are tough right now. This too shall pass. Now is the time for you to bring all of your military and veteran power into your business. Remember, you are never alone! Reach out for support from others and you will push through and be stronger than ever.